Signs and Wonders 20: Answers and questions

Evening Post, 26 Jan 2006

EVERY ten weeks, Signs and Wonders comes in from the street to answer its letters and e-mails.

Of course, this feature steals most of its best ideas from you lot every week - it has relied on reader suggestions in five of its past six outings - so I shall also be taking the chance to pick your brains on mysteries that have stumped me.

First, a quick apology. Mrs M. P. Cockayne, of Burton Joyce, has written a very pleasant note asking, gently, if it's right that we've had two Signs and Wonders number 10 and no number 13. Yes, it is, and no, it wasn't superstition - the explanation is a holiday mix-up, followed by a scramble to get back in order.
Mrs Cockayne also asked for some columns she missed - they're on their way.
Memorials remain the most emotive subject.

Peter Turner, from Sherwood, called to mention the city Scouts' war memorial, in Hucknall Road, which I hope to cover soon. And Ray Teece, who pointed me at Terrace Royal the other week, sends photographs of the small, separate Jewish cemetery off Sherwood Street, another fascinating subject that's on the list. Several of you have mentioned Bendigo's Lion, one with a fascinating family connection — that will be a little longer in coming, because one of the suggesters is out of the country, and I'm awaiting his return.
Now for the ones I want to ask you about.

The braves either side of this text come from what is now the Wollaton Street side of The Stage pub. From what the gentleman on the left is holding, they probably belonged to a cigar shop - but was it here? Old city street directories put no obvious suspects at the scene.

And the cherubs above? They frolic in Exchange Arcade. They're kin to the ones along the front of the Council House, and they're similarly industrious, but the usual guidebooks don't mention them, or what their overall theme is meant to be. Any light you can shed will be greedily welcomed.